We’ve heard a little about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S before, but not much. Those rumours have now jumped a fair way ahead, with leaked images of the tablet appearing on SamMobile overnight. Where two tablet sizes have been discussed, the images are of a 10.5″ model, and it shares a number of design elements with the new Galaxy S5.

The leaked Galaxy Tab S images show that the rear of the tablet has the same dimpled plastic effect as the Galaxy S5, and on the front it looks like the same phone but a good few inches wider, featuring the physical home button with two capacitive buttons, one either side.

While we can only speculate as to the specs of that big, beautiful screen, it’s expected to be an AMOLED running 2560 x 1600 resolution, with a front facing camera sitting just on top. There’s a rear facing camera too; rumoured to be up to 8MP, and (as we can see in the imagery) bolstered by a flash as well.

The rear image shows a charging port likely to one side which suggests a keyboard dock attachment is unlikely, but still, the leaked images support what we’ve seen in earlier rumours, and it looks like Samsung will have another competitive tablet on their hands.

Source: SamMobile.
Via: Android Community.