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Do you listen to Google Play Music on a Mac? Try Radiant Player

Radiant Player for Mac

Google Play Music is a service that we’re quite fond of on Ausdroid; yes, it’s just one of many streaming music players, but this one is Google and its well integrated with our Android devices, and so it gets pride of place. However, we don’t just listen on the go; listening around the Ausdroid office is enjoyable (and helps break up the clacking of keyboards…).

Playing via a tab in Chrome (or whatever browser you use) works quite well, but when you’re flicking between multiple tabs and closing windows all the time, it’s easy to close off your Music tab, and boom, there goes your playlist.

Until recently, I’ve been using an app called Google Music which basically wraps a native application window around a webview of Google Play Music. It’s nothing fancy, but it works fairly well, however you can tell it’s just a webview; the app doesn’t behave like a normal Mac app, and it really doesn’t tie into the Mac experience in any way shape or form.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 8.27.17 am

However, Radiant Player does. Included in its features are tie-ins to Mac’s notifications, a mini-player that sits in the Mac menu bar (shown above), automatic scrobbling to if you’re a user of that service, as well as integration with the music controls that feature on most Mac keyboards, allowing you to pause, rewind or fast-forward music at the touch of a keyboard button – a feature that iTunes users will know and love.

Radiant Player is free to all, and better yet, it’s open source; head on over to Github to download it or grab the code if you’d like to have a play.

Source: Radiant Player on Github.
Via: Android Central.

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Valued Guest

On a PC you can just use Chromes “Create application shortcut” (under the Tools menu) so it looks like its own app. You can also install the extention to get the media keys working. Might also work on Mac, not sure.

Ausdroid Reader

I wish someone had done this for PC.

Valued Guest
This is a good chrome extension so you don’t accidentally close the play music tab.

Valued Guest

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