Motorola has confirmed a new Moto G variant with LTE alongside its launch of the newest family addition to its smartphone line up, the Moto E.

In an entry on its blog site, Motorola confirmed the LTE capabilities, stating that:

We’re also offering an upgraded version of our popular Moto G, featuring 4G LTE. Same great features now on the fastest networks where available, for just $219. The original Moto G continues to be available for $179 on without a contract and through local carriers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Unfortunately the pricing is based on the US dollar and the company has not confirmed local pricing or availability of the LTE enabled Moto G. Currently the Moto G (3G enabled only) is available through retailers like JB HiFi, Telechoice, Dick Smith, Officeworks and the Good Guys with a starting price of $238.

We have reached out to Motorola Australia for confirmation and availability of the Moto G LTE alongside pricing for this device, so watch this space for further details.

Source: Motorola Blog Site.
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Any mention of dual-SIM? E.g. LTE SIM1 and 2.5G SIM2?


A key thing seems to be that this version has a microSD card slot, and no 16GB version as a result.

RRP in the UK is £149 ($270) but it will be interesting to see what the street price ends up as. If it’s anywhere close to that of the 3G MotoG (£99) then it could end up a winner. Rough guess says street price of £120-130 ($210-$235) which means it maybe worth the import if retailers in Oz gouge as usual.


No 16Gb version…

Limiting the LTE microSD G to 8Gb dumps it back down at the budget end of the spectrum, where it will be trying to make headway against the newly released E.


At that end of the market the 8GB plus another 32GB on the microSD card for content makes a lot of sense. You aren’t likely to be filling up the 8GB with big game files (since the CPU/GPU isn’t going to cut it) and being able to store lots of music/movies etc. on the SD card makes sense for the likely use cases. The 4G differentiates it from the 3G-only Moto E which takes out the budget crown. I’d guess this will settle somewhere near the 16GB 3G MotoG price when the dust has settled. The 3G MotoG will probably… Read more »


If Moto are trying to corner the budget market with the G and E, then I wonder what they will class as a real midrange and high end, in their lineup.