The Motorola Moto G was announced back in November with an array of colourful cases, in different styles,  from standard ‘Shells’ to ‘Flip Shells’ and Active Grips. While we haven’t seen the Shells or Active Grips, nor the colourful selection – yet – you can now grab a Flip Shell in Black from JB Hifi.

The Flip Shell will act as a ‘Smart Cover’  for your phone, sensing when the flip cover is open or closed. The Black Flip Shell will set you back $29.95 but they are currently a little scarce, with two out of the three JB Hifi stores we checked not currently stocking them.


While the Flip Shell is now available, if that’s not quite the style you want, or it’s not your colour; Motorola are still looking at introducing the other colourful Moto G Shells, but have yet to advise when or where they will be available. Meanwhile their website, still lists the shells as coming soon. We hope to see more soon, we’ll let you know when, where and how much.

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Anyone know a store in Sydney that still stock them?


Got one at the JB Hi-Fi City (2 left):
Strand Arcade Pitt St Mall
Phone: (02) 9222 9877