Google is continually improving Chrome and the interaction between Chrome and Android, specifically with Chrome Experiments. Previously, we’ve seen Chromecast implementations like PhotoWall and games like Maze, and today, Google is pushing towards educational with SpellUp, a Chrome experiment which is aiming to help you with your spelingspelling.

It’s available to anyone running Chrome, be that on your phone/tablet or desktop and all you need to do is head to chrome.com/spellup to start playing. The game uses either voice recognition or keyboard input to get you to spell words, solve word jumbles or play games like filling in the blanks or guessing mystery words. There’s power-ups you can purchase with coins earned and your ultimate aim is to build a tower with all your completed words.

The game is quite fun to play and a bit of a challenge, with beginner, intermediate and expert levels. Try it out and see what you think.

Source: Chrome Experiments.