Thursday , August 16 2018

Nexus 5 accessories, at least the official kind, aren’t too many in number, but if you’ve tried out the other cases for last year’s Nexus headliner, you might be tempted by a new option: a range of five snap-cases available (US only for now) via the Play Store.

They’re Google-branded, and come in five different colours: Black, Aqua (pictured above), Silver, White and Clear. They wrap around the sides and rear of the Nexus 5, leaving the top and bottom of the phone exposed, so while they mightn’t add a lot in terms of protection, they will protect the rear of the Nexus 5 from dings and scratches from minor incidents.

They’re not yet available in Australia, but expect a bit of Australia-tax when they land — probably around the $39.99 mark.


Source: Play Store (US).
Via: Android Police.

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Valued Guest

Looking at the photo, it makes the N5 look somewhat like a Moto X, G, or E

Valued Guest

Any one thinking of spending $40 on this should really check out Ringke SLIM case. I just got one from eBay for $12 delivered.

Valued Guest

I second that. I got the white and it looks really close to the stock ones. Adds a little ‘stormtrooper’ flavour to my black N5!
BTW, Ringke is by Rearth USA and made in Korea.

Dawei Deng
Valued Guest
Dawei Deng

the Aqua one looks very nice, but too expensive…

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