Monument Valley
We first saw Monument Valley on Android a couple of weeks ago, when developer ustwo began asking for volunteers to sign up to the Beta to test the game out before a wider release. The signups quickly closed, and the Beta testing mush have been successful, because ustwo has announced that as of today you can head over to Google Play and purchase the game for $4.99.

The game has a wonderfully surreal M.C Escher like quality to the design, it’s a lateral thinking game which will have you thinking in three dimensions. It’s a little bit hard, but very much worth it for the beautiful animations and artwork you’ll find throughout the game.

It’s a little pricey at $4.99, but as someone who has been playing this game for a while – they recently added more levels through an update – I can tell you it’s very much worth it. Head across to Google Play – or the Amazon App Store if that’s your thing – and check it out, or watch the trailer below.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Developer: ustwo games
Price: $3.99
Source: Google Play.
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    Looks interesting, and no in – app purchases to drain my bank account. Worth a try!