If you’re the owner of an HTC One (M8) in Australia, you’ve probably seen reports on US Android blogs a few weeks ago about a pending software update. It doesn’t bring the much-awaited jump to Android 4.4.3 — Google hasn’t pushed that yet — but it does bring some new features, bug fixes and other things which are kind of exciting.

I managed to capture the update notification this morning so you can see what’s in store:

For those who don’t want to load the imagery, here’s a quick list:

  • General stability improvements
  • Call audio performance improvement
  • Addition of a new Extreme Power Saving mode
  • Bluetooth and WiFi improvements and firmware updates
  • Improvements to Camera Auto Focus, improved 3D effects, and a new copy and paste function
  • Last, but not least, some improvements to Zoe capturing and editing

UPDATE: This update has been reported on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone as of this morning (15 May) so it looks as if we should all have the update soon. Do bear in mind that if you’ve modified your One M8 in any way, e.g. rooting, custom recovery, unlocked bootloader, installation of Xposed etc, you may have problems installing the OTA. Make sure you’re running a stock recovery, stock bootloader, and an unmodified system.

If you’ve modified these things, I’d suggest having a look on XDA Developers to find the stock files you’ll need to revert to a state suitable for updating.

Has your M8 received an update? Let us know when and on which carrier so we can share with everyone else!

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Lee Madeley

Hi, since the update my camera won’t take pictures anymore and getting no text message notifications.


My LED notification is not working. I get missed calls, texts etc but it’s not until I open my phone that I realise I have missed something. I have only had my phone for just about 20 days and when I tried to return it after only a week one consultant suggested I wait for a software update since a lot of people are complaining about the same issue. Now that I have downloaded the update n the issue is still there I guess I should return it before my 28 days gone. Has anyone had people with same issue?


Haven’t noticed this issue Fred; my M8 flashes the LED notification as it should – admittedly, a single colour notification LED isn’t all that useful, but it beats no LED. Curious as to why yours isn’t working — I haven’t heard of anyone else with that issue to be honest. If it isn’t working, take it back to the store you got it from and ask for a replacement. Consumer law says that if the product isn’t working the way it should (and was advertised to work) then you’re entitled to a replacement etc.

Ben Edwards

My LED also doesn’t flash, but it only seems to be the case when I’m not using the stock Sense launcher. I’m assuming HTC have had a hand in that…


Downloading the update now on Optus

But I notice something in your article “This update has been reported on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone as of this morning (18 May)” hmmm it’s only the 16th so far


Haha. Good catch. I’m losing track of days, obviously.


Just got update on telecom network in New Zealand thanks btw saw this post and checked my device and there it was!


Excellent news Clint and greetings from across the Tasman!


Do you think this will fix the bluetooth problems that have been plaguing this device so far?


I’m hoping so Jarred!

Sami Sarraf

Just got it on Telstra

Captain Wasabi

Just got the update on Optus