What’s a brand new day, without starting it off with some LG G3 news? That seems to be the flavour of the month really, but with the anticipation rising for LG’s upcoming flagship, can you blame us? Today we see the same renders we saw yesterday, but with a lockscreen overlaid on the screen, we also get a look at the new LG Skin, albeit in landscape orientation and there’s that rumour of laser guided photos again.

First up, you saw these photos yesterday, but here they are again, but this time with the lockscreen from LG’s user interface added onto the screen. There’s also the name of the black colour which @EvLeaks is referring to as ‘Titanium’ :

The new renders don’t give us anything new, but that’s a pretty nice looking lock screen, as far as lock screens go.

Next up, the rear sensor. Up until now, it’s been assumed that it was the IR blaster, moved to the same position that LG moved it to for the G Flex, but we’ve also heard rumours that the port is a laser, which EvLeaks tells us is for ‘Laser auto focus’. What that even means is up for debate, but it’s likely that a laser could be used to gauge depth between the camera and a subject to better interpret the focal length.

If you’re wondering where the IR blaster is on the LG G3, you can actually see the port on the top of the phone in this multi-angle picture of the G3 in Titanium (Yep, you just know the white and gold will appear shortly).
G3 Titanium Multi-Angle

Lastly, you can now check out the UI from the LG skin, which has shown up again with EvLeaks. The screenshot – which isn’t anywhere near the 2560×1440 resolution the screen is rumoured to be – shows the same flatter design that we’ve seen from previous leaks :

There’s eleven days – twelve if you count Australian time – till we get to what we think is the announcement of the LG G3, hopefully we get some more tangible leaks shortly.

Source: EvLeaks.
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James Z

the phone looks promising lets hope these leaked specs are actual specs when the phone gets announce


And I thought that the eye burning palletes of Angry Fruit Salad colour schemes died with Windows 3.x, looks like LG wants them to do a comeback.