FIrefox Chromecast
Chromecasting a tab from Chrome is pretty cool – at least for those people who’ve got a Chromecast – and it looks like Firefox could be adding that trick to their repertoire very soon.

According to notes from a weekly meeting at Mozilla, Chromecast and Netcast support could be coming to a test build of Firefox as early as the end of this week (yep, about now). The feature will probably require much testing in the nightly/test builds but will, if all works out well make it to a stable public release quite soon.


Netcast appears to be a similar idea to the Chromecast, although built by LG, at least according to Google search for Netcast Dongle. And we all know what Chromecast is, although we still can’t get one here in Australia…unlike those lucky South Koreans who as of this week are able to order one.

Firefox is still plugging along as a viable alternative to Chrome, with many functions available in Chrome also available in Firefox, from bookmark syncing between desktop and mobile to extension support. Chromecast is definitely gaining traction if Mozilla are looking to incorporate it.

What is your browser of choice? Would you like to see Chromecast support in Opera, IE and……Safari(lol)?

Source: caschys blog.
Via: lilliputing.