Earlier this week we reported that Samsung was rumoured to be launching the Galaxy S5 Prime in Korea in five different colours, well it seems the rumours are true according to a post from The Droid Guy (TDG).

According to The Droid Guy, a source close to the Korean company revealed to a South Korean publication, Naver, that Samsung’s first QHD smartphone – the Galaxy S5 Prime G906S – will debut as early as the middle to late next month (being June).

The Source has gone on further stating that the unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will cost around KRW900,000, which is equivalent to about AUD$939. This price tag sees the Galaxy S5 Prime at just above the retail price of the Galaxy S5 when it launched last month, although the S5 has since dropped in price as various retailers began competing in the market place.

Given the Galaxy S5 has only recently been launched here and globally around the world, it is hard to see and understand why Samsung would want to release another flagship device so soon – although the imminent release of the LG G3, which is rumoured to support be launching with a QHD screen could be a strong factor, as could the fact that Samsung don’t want to steal any thunder from their own Galaxy Note 4 launch which should happen around September.

We’ll have to wait and see really. It’s not too long till next month, in the mean time, you can check out an Oppo Find 7 or possibly the LG G3 if you’re after a QHD screen on your next phone.

Source: TDG.
Via: GSM Arena.
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Barry Findlay

I feel totally riped off. I paid $890 aud for the flagship S5. Been very loyal to samsung since the S series began and now they pull this shit! Not effing happy!!!!


Ah QHD, all for marketing without any real benefit. All it will do is drain batteries