Hey folks,

You’ve probably noticed we had some fairly significant server issues on Friday, and again this morning. I, on behalf of the Ausdroid team, want to apologise to you for this.

The reasons are a bit dull, but basically we’ve moved from a virtual hosting environment to a dedicated server, and while this migration went across on Friday without much of a hitch, it took  a while. This morning, something unexpected happened, and we had to pull the site offline while we fixed it up.

All in all, things are now (hopefully, touch wood) back to normal.

If you notice anything not working, please let me know.




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    Stacey White

    Next time do post an advance notice before going for any maintenance. Make it a habit.


    Hi Stacey, we try to do this, but this move was both unplanned and unexpected when our virtual server spontaneously crashed and refused to boot. We don’t conduct planned maintenance during the day for precisely this reason. Unplanned stuff.. That’s completely unpredictable, obviously..


    Site search on Ausdroid is pointing to the beta site which is coming up as 404 compliant.


    Woops. Thanks Jeni, that’s now fixed.


    Well it is a blog and you guys do a great job with little thanks so really thank you for the very small number of problems we see, the continual updates and growth of the site.