What’s a new week without a new leak of the LG G3? After showing off the LG G3 in a multi-angle render in ‘Titanium’ last week. Over the weekend @EvLeaks showed off the White and Gold model of the upcoming phone in the same multi-angle style render :

LG G3 Multi-Angle White and Gold

The new leak doesn’t add anything to the existing information we have, or at least think we have on the phone, but it does look good. We’re just over a week away from the May 27th announcement, we’ll see more when it goes live.

Source: EvLeaks.
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Yianni soc

This may be my first LG branded device.
I’m hoping for:
Snapdragon 805
5 – 5.5″ screen – but small form factor (same size or smaller than SGS5 and One M8)..
Am I dreaming?

Daniel Tyson

I hope not – that sounds fantastic, but I think you’ll find the screen is 5.5″. How small they can get the bezel on that 5.5″ screen is what the question is

Yianni soc

yeah they’re notorious for tiny bezels.. which I love.
a no compromise LG G3 would be my second pick.. it better not have a snapdragon 400 like the HTC One Mini 2 (mouthful). i was sold on that prior to reading the low CPU spec.