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Serial technology scooper Evleaks has posted a set of screenshots that purportedly show a selection of widgets for use with the forthcoming LG G3 smartphone’s Quick Window cover.

These covers allow you to see the time, caller ID, text messages, notifications and other things while your phone’s flip cover is closed, and have been well-received by the public. Samsung called their version of the feature S-View covers when it debuted on the Galaxy S4 last year, and while LG will tell you it actually had the feature first on an obscure older phone, its Quick Window cases made their first mainstream appearance with the G2.

There’s been a virtual arms race between manufacturers looking to evolve the feature and offer more functionality, including HTC‘s slightly different take with the Dot View Cover for the HTC One (M8). I’ve even seen cases with cutout holes in appropriate places to show incoming notifications on iPhones.

We’ve seen that LG is evolving its Android UI customisations and it seems that the G3’s UI will include a few more circular UI elements, so it should be no surprise to find that – according to Evleaks, at least – the Quick Window will change to a circle, and the widgets within will thus have a circular design. The full image, shown below, includes a number of interesting widgets.


There’s a few different watch face variations shown, along with caller ID, missed call logs, text message and photo display, and a couple of fitness-related widgets. There’s also what looks like a hub to allow the user to navigate between widgets. That hub features a music icon, but we can’t see a music player in these screens. You can also see a slightly different layout for the G3’s onscreen buttons.

Are Quick Window and S-View covers important to you? Do you use the features they provide? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Evleaks.

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Jason Murray

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Hmm…they could also double as android wear watch faces

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