In the race to market with Android Wear, LG have taken a decisive lead over their competitors with their marketing. Market placement is everything in the current commercial market we live in and now LG have placed Knight Rider, Star Trek and Inspector Gadget in the same image set as their upcoming Smart Watch no one else will be able to use or leverage those well known “ahead of their time” techie shows.


For those of you who want a translation, thankfully as my Korean is a little rusty; OK – Non existent, Google Translate has provided us an Engrish translation.

Pagodeun our lives deeply is now followed by a smartphone smart watch you will gradually attracted people’s attention. “I write with a smartphone-like”, he said.. Smart wrist watch has already appeared in a movie or cartoon in a long time, because on an item that is not familiar concept.

It’s a stroke of marketing genius which needs to be applauded and rewarded, LG have clearly taken the market on early with this move.

Is this a killer blow to the competition before the Android Wear market really opens up?

Source: LG Korea.
Via: Android Central.
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    LG. Copycatting’s good.

    In this ad, LG have used 3 fictional smartwatches, and the ST WoK wrist communicator, all of which appeared in Samsung’s ads for the original Galaxy Gear.

    Below is the link to the Ausdroid article on the Galaxy Gear, with YT links for the ads.


    Aldi tablet


    Ausdroid, October 8 2013

    Samsung’s Galaxy Gear commercials are actually pretty cool