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LG G3 Countdown
There’s been a little more activity from LG on the G3 in the leadup to the official announcement on the 27th of May. The UK arm of LG has launched a product page for the LG G3, on their UK website. The page itself is pretty sparse, including the simple picture of the countdown to the launch of the G3 and obviously the confirmation that the phone will be launched as the LG-D855 – at least in the Uk.

Over in the US, the LG G3 has apparently popped up at the FCC in two variants with the corresponding LTE bands included. The LTE Bands differ only by one band – D850: bands 2,4,5,7,17 and D851: bands 2,4,7,17. The US Models are not compatible with current Australian LTE bands 3 (1800MHz) and 40(2300MHz) or the upcoming band 28(700MHz) LTE, but it is compatible with the Band 7 LTE network Optus and Telstra will launch at the end of this year – but most likely we’ll see our own variant here or the LG-D855 from Europe, depending on which bands it launches with.

We’ll know more by Wednesday next week with the launch scheduled for 6pm on the 27th of May in London – 3am May 28th AEST for those playing at home – so stay tuned, we’ll most likely see more leaks before the final unveiling of the G3…and whatever else LG wants to show us.

Source: FCCLG UK.
Via: GSMArena.