QKSMS is an excellent and promising SMS app alternative that is in development.  Moez (the developer), has created a close to perfect blend of beauty and features for his app, which is in closed beta.

Before the 4.4 announcement, new Android developer Moez realised that there weren’t good enough quickreply apps (apps that allowed you to send an SMS back without going into your SMS app by simply popping up as an overlay), they weren’t attractive enough and didn’t work well enough, so he decided that he must create his own; one that would suit the rest of the SMS experience.  After the knowledge of 4.4 SMS restrictions, he decided to make a full app, and that app was named QKSMS.

The main purpose of the app is the quick reply overlay and this is done considerable well. A small, clean window will appear in the middle of your screen when you receive a message. This allows youto  send an SMS, go straight into the full app or simply click anywhere on the screen to get rid of the window.

QKSMS Fast Reply


The second most important attribute of QKSMS is the UI. Moez aimed to seamlessly integrate the flat style with the rest of the Google android experience and he did just that. The app follows all of the Google KitKat guidelines, it gives you a selection of several colours to theme your SMS app how you would like and a recent update has included a tick box to remove ads, as many were calling them “obtrusive”.

QKSMS Color Options


The only major feature missing is MMS, so if that is something you require and you run android 4.4+ I would advise you do not use it as your daily SMS, until he gets MMS out soon.  But if MMS isn’t essential, or you just wanna give it a try, you can join the alpha/beta by applying for the Google+ community and downloading the app once accepted here. Just keep in mind that it is in beta, so there are bound to be several bugs.

Source: Reddit.
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    Moez Bhatti

    Thanks guys 🙂


    minor question: Shouldn’t this article be tagged with Beautiful Android ?


    Comment for comments sake. Do we have to pick on everything ?


    You’ve never read the Beautiful Android series of articles here on Ausdroid?
    QKSMS is an app that, without doubt exemplifies ‘Beautiful Android’

    Sean Royce

    It wasn’t really negative this time.