The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is about to have its first birthday which means an update is probably just around the corner.

If GSMArena’s sources are reliable, the rumoured Note 4 will feature a 5.7-inch, 2560 x 1440 display which matches the resolution of the rumoured Galaxy S5 Prime.

Since the original Galaxy Note smartphone was released, Samsung has been increasing the display size by 0.2 inches (5.08mm) each time. If the rumour is correct then Samsung may now have settled on a 5.7 inch screen for their large smartphone line.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may also be water resistant and be powered by a Snapdragon 801 or Exynos Hexa chipset with a 20.1MP camera.

Samsung have yet to make an official announcement regarding the release of new Galaxy Note, but it may turn up during IFA in Berlin later this year.

Not being a big Samsung and Touchwiz fan myself, it’s a bit hard for me to get excited about the prospect of a new Galaxy Note.

One thing I do like however, is QHD displays and phablets so I’m looking forward to seeing what Samsung comes up with. Hopefully its design is less tacky than the current Note 3.

Source: GSMArena.
Via: 9to5google.
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The Samsung Galaxy Note was 5.3″, the Galaxy Note 2 was 5.5″, the Galaxy Note 3 was 5.7″ so shouldn’t the Galaxy Note 4 be 5.9″???


Nothing wrong with the how the current note looks. I reckon it’s horn!