Friday , October 20 2017

FotMob World Cup 2014 — Yes, another football app suggestion!


It seems that it’s not just us at Ausdroid HQ who are keen on the upcoming world cup; you guys keep suggesting apps to us that other football fanatics might be interested in, and so we’ll keep posting about them! This one is called FotMob World Cup 2014, submitted by reader Adrian. In particular, he liked the way that FotMob presented the tables and fixtures, and if you have a look at the screenshots below, it’s easy to see why:

Of course, FotMob does seem to include a fair bit of content about other national leagues, including the EPL, Northern American leagues and more. There’s news, videos, team information and lineups and more. There aren’t any super stand-out features from where I’m sitting, but it certainly presents the information well, and from a quick explore on my HTC One M8, the app is definitely easy to use. It’ll be going on my list!

Developer: NorApps AS
Price: Free+

Let us know what other apps you’d like to see featured on Ausdroid! It doesn’t just have to be football… 


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Valued Guest

Great Soccer app that 😛

Valued Guest

Bleacher Report

Ben Booth
Valued Guest

FotMob has consistently been my go-to app for football ever since I came over to Android. I’m on the paid version to support the dev and for push notifications. OneFootball is the only app that’s tempted me away in that time, I use it on my tablet but I still rely on FotMob on my phone.


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