Last Sunday’s leak from Dick Smith of an upcoming Australian retail launch of the Chromecast highlighted a marked interest in the retail launch of Google’s popular HDMI Dongle, further follow-up with stores has been less than fruitful, but this next step shows the launch is about to go ahead.

We’re seeing multiple reports of DSE stores receiving stock of the HDMI dongle, in preparation for the retail launch of the Chromecast, which from the leak on Sunday we expect to take place next Wednesday, 28 May 2014.

Stores are receiving boxes labelled ‘Do Not Sell’, which is being followed up by an email to stores making it clear to staff that the stock ‘does not exist’ and speculation from staff surrounding the launch should be ‘kept to themselves’. This is further made clear by the fact that the Chromecast still does not exist on the DSE system. Staff have also been told this stock, which doesn’t exist, will indeed go on-sale next Wednesday.


At this stage there is no promotional material in the form of flyers, brochures or posters being sent to stores to indicate any potential media partnerships that Google has arranged for the launch. But with media partnerships lined up for launches of the Chromecast in the US, Germany, France and the UK, we should hopefully see something.

There’s a fair bit of stock arriving in each Dick Smith store to prepare for the launch, with stores reporting multiple boxes, each containing around 20 units arriving. Google is obviously expecting strong demand for the dongle when they go on sale.

Strong demand for the Chromecast is not without precedent: in the US it took months after the initial release until Google was able to finally maintain a steady supply of Chromecast. After going on sale in the UK in March, UK media channel Mediatel have advised that they have already sold 100,000 units.

It appears that Dick Smith is taking security on this one very seriously after last weekends issues, but if you’re near a store it can’t hurt to try your luck, drop in and see if there’s any sign of the Chromecast around and if a friendly staff member is willing to sell one.

There’s more pics now available of Chromecast stock in Dick Smith stores. The new pictures show that Australian Chromecast packaging will include advertising for the Man of Steel (available for rent or purchase in Google Play). There’s still no word on if there will be content partners for the launch of Chromecast, so until Wednesday morning(the date according to the DSE leak) rolls around, if you hear anything let us know.

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Anyone know what local content the Chromecast will have when it’s released here?

ABC iview? TenPlay?

Looking forward to getting it. Shame we won’t get Netflix or HBO Go, but local content is still pretty good. Plus, would be nice to have a streaming device that works well.


Also arrived at David Jones stores thatbhas DSE within them

Martin Dolan

Well, ive got one on order already, and a receipt for a $10 deposit from my local store… they better not cancel that… or I will be charging them interest and an un-stocking fee….


Hopefully those of us that pre-ordered will get it first. I don’t want them to claim it was a mistake.


Nice one! Will tell a couple of mates of mine about this. Thanks for the heads up.


what store was this taken in cause i want to go an order one as no store ive been into yet says that they have any?


I bought mine off eBay a month ago. Seriously handy bit of gear. Best media steamer I’ve ever owned.

Fernando De Leon

so for those that have chromecast already make sure to reset your chromecast so that country id becomes Australia otherwise you won’t be able to access Australian chromecast content ie iview


I’ll be amazed if there any local support anytime soon, esp from iView given their slowness with Android. Having to choose between a chromecast that can access Netflix/Hulu/etc and one that can potentially access iView. Rather annoying.

Ben Booth

I’m very excited about these “Chromecats” being available at DSE soon! But seriously, I can’t wait for Chromecast to finally be available in Australia.