IMG_098507There is less than a week until the 2014 flagship from LG will be announced, and it seems that there isn’t much left to surprise us with. We have seen specs leak, screenshots leak, press renders leak, the protective case leak and just the other day specs leaked again, this time in more detail. Today noted leaker EvLeaks has produced images of a “lunchboxed” developer version of the LG G3.

The images show that the device will be running Android KitKat 4.4.2, which is to be expected if a company wants to be taken seriously in 2014. This may change if Google releases 4.4.3 (or 4.5) at Google IO, and then it will be a race by the manufacturers to see who can get their flagship up to date first. The image with the battery cover removed shows the 3000mAh battery which certainly looks removable to me, although that is still unknown.

There are other relatively useless images showing the phone fully covered in its lunchbox, the Google Play store on the screen and one of the camera with the cover off. One screenshot included shows the Antutu benchmark score for the G3. While many, if not most, of us do not care for a single moment what a benchmark score shows. They can be easily faked and often do not represent real world experiences when it comes to the speed of a phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a good example of this with it scoring high with benchmarks. My concern with the G3 was that with its quad HD screen it would not have been optimised enough nor have a powerful enough processor to push that many pixels. When the details of the processor leaked and showed it to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 I doubted further that it would be enough to run that screen. The benchmark suggests otherwise. Until we get to see one being use in the real world we will not know.

All will be revealed about this good looking flagship next week on the 27th May. Until then I am making plans to head to Canberra and sign for the LG G3 review unit and take possession of it when it is delivered to Dan’s house.

Does this phone interest you or is it too late? LG G3, HTC One M8 or Samsung Galaxy S5?

Source: EvLeaks.
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If those leaked photos are of the version of the international version of the G3 which comes here, then the microSD slot is confirmed. 🙂

Andrew White

The 4 biggest carriers in the US will be supporting the G3, but here in Australia….not Telstra (comment by sales person : they don’t sell well so we don’t carry the brand.)
‘Again’ shareholders miss out!

Daniel Tyson

I wouldn’t put too much into what sales people say.


It’s as leaky as the M8 was

Richard Yarrell

Let’s see what happens.