Google Now offline
Setting reminders has always been a handy function of Google Now, although a bit fiddly, with fine details having to be finalised by hand. But a new update to Google Search which has been slipped in, will now allow you to set reminders completely hands-free.

The update works exceedingly well with the Google Now Launcher, or once you launch Google Now. To set a reminder, you simply invoke the ‘Ok Google’ command and apend ‘Remind me to…..’ adding a time at the end and Now will then ask for you to confirm the reminder by saying yes – or reject it by simply saying no.

It’s simple functions that make all the difference, and with these latest updates Google Now is continuing to show why it’s leading the field.

Source: Android Police.
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    Wow, really? This feature has been available since I can remember. Even CNET wrote an article about it a year ago


    I have a habit of saying ‘Reminder’ and then typing my reminder in because I got sick of Google Now stuffing it up. Google Now, now says ‘Yes, what is your reminder’ or something similar.