There’s a lot of crossover between the Chrome Web Store and Google Play, and Google has begun advising visitors when searching Chrome Extensions when an Android version is available.

There’s a twofold addition at play here, you can just ‘happen’ across the apps which have a corresponding Android App, with an ‘Available for Android’ tag, which links to the appropriate Google Play entry appearing when you search for specific Chrome extensions, or you can search for Chrome Extensions and then filter results by ‘Available for Android’

Available for Android on Chrome Web Store

Recently we saw Google update the mobile Chrome Web Store to allow direct viewing on mobile web browsers. The option to link to Android Apps from the mobile site however, has not been added on the mobile version of the Chrome Web Store pages. This is something that would be infinitely handy if an Android UserAgent were detected.

Evernote Chrome Web Store Mobile

We’re seeing more and more interoperability between Chrome and Android, this years Google IO should be quite exciting if these features are appearing this early.

Via: OMGChrome.