With the 27th of May, and the announcement of the LG G3, fast approaching LG are really stepping up the hype factory around their 2014 flagship. Earlier today EvLeaks received a few pictures taken by Mr Blurrycam of the screen of a developer edition of the G3. Now LG themselves have officially released short teaser videos to YouTube.

The three videos are titled Camera, Design and Display and are mostly fairly obscure, artistic references to each of these. The Design video leave little to the imagination of the G3, showing it in all of its glory. Mind you at this stage we have seen so many official renders and pictures of the G3 the design of it is hardly a surprise to anyone.

There is also a link in the videos for the LG Korean website where Google translate unfortunately fails. The three videos are also shown there and there appears to be a contest on the site. What for I don’t know but maybe it’s to win an LG G3? If you speak Korean please translate for us in the comments below.

Of particular note is the date in the videos. We already know that the G3 will be announced on the 27th of May but the date in the videos is the 28th. Could this be the launch date? I hope so.

Are you as excited about this as many of us here at Ausdroid are? Once again I ask, LG G3, HTC One M8 or the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Source: LG Korea YouTube.
Via: Android Central.
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