With the launch of the LG G3 upon us, accessories have begun to pop up online, including at the Australian accessories store and friend-of-the-site, Gadgets 4 Geeks.

Gadgets4Geeks has a number of accessories, ranging from a bumper case, a slim-fit TPU cover and screen protectors and also stocks Qi chargers and accessories and a desktop cradle. Items are showing as in-stock and ready to ship, so now all we need is an actual phone to use them with!

If you’re questioning the size of the G3, here’s a size comparison between the Nexus 5, LG G3 case and an HTC One (M8) – or at least, some of the phones in cases against a G3 case. Despite the G3 being half an inch larger in screen size, it’s close to the same dimensions as the M8 and marginally larger than the Nexus 5.

size comparison

Are you looking at a new phone? Will the G3 be on your short list? What accessories will you be getting?

Source: Gadgets 4 Geeks.