On Friday last week, we had the scoop on Australian stocks of Chromecast arriving in Dick Smith stores nation-wide, after a few tips received from Ausdroid fans. The rumour has been that Google will be selling Chromecasts in Australia from May 28, shown off in an accidentally published product page on the Dick Smith Electronics online shop.

While Dick Smith took the ordering page offline pretty quickly (and cancelled pre-orders that had been placed), the rumour refused to die, and we’ve since seen photos of stock arriving in Dick Smith Stores. Well, it isn’t just DSE that will be selling the Chromecast, according to tips received at Ausdroid yesterday afternoon.

James Bryant commented on our Google+ feed last night and told us that his sources within JB HiFi had confirmed stock availability:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.08.51 am

It isn’t just James; an avid Ausdroid reader told us this morning that his local store confirmed to him that they have ‘heaps’ of Chromecasts in stock and ready for sale tomorrow for $49 a piece. With these two tips, we’ve made our own inquiries with JB HiFi and it seems that they are quite happy to confirm that the sale is coming, tomorrow, and for $49 as quoted.

Are you getting excited for a probable retail launch of Chromecasts in Australia tomorrow? Check your local JB HiFi store and see what they tell you!

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    From Thursday??? Or do you mean tomorrow, being Wednesday?


    Yep, can confirm JB will be selling them form Thursday for $49. Lots of stock


    *Fixed “I had some connections quite high up”

    Mark Corlson

    By the time it comes to Australia, the US will be getting Chromecast 2


    So. The next logical step is 4K support and frankly that isn’t needed right now. For me the one I already have is brilliant. It is a must have device, when I get a 4K TV (years from now) I will worry about 4K support then.

    Mark Corlson

    I don’t care about 4K, I just want a Chromecast and by the time I can get one, the US will be getting a new iteration. That’s what I was getting at 🙂


    So what you are saying is you really don’t care and that you just wanted to moan about something. 🙂

    I get you though, the device is so good as it is now unless they do something amazing you won’t worry about a 2nd release just yet. Also at that price, who cares if they do, just buy the new one and give your old one to someone else, they certainly will love it.


    Agreed. I think when they release a new version, the old ones will make great hand me downs.. buy a new one for your main TV and put the old one in your other TV, give to kids, friends, co-workers .. just box it up and give it to someone standing in the street.


    possible chromecast related? – @abciview tweeted around 1035am
    “iview users may experience connection issues between 12am-4am AEST Tues 27May & 11:30pm-6:30am AEST Wed28 We apologize for any inconvenience”


    Awesome. After yesterday’s Ausdroid article explaining what the Chromecast is and what it can do, I’m now pretty excited about picking one up tomorrow. Thanks for the scoop.


    Did they mention that if you use chrome web browser on a pc that you can put anything(video from www,webpages)to your tv ? It’s a brilliant piece of work really !!