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LG_G3_1Yes, the title is a bit of tongue in cheek but with how the 2014 flagship from LG is promising it is not unwanted. As I reported just three days ago nearly every single thing about this beast has been leaked by both unofficial and official channels. Since then we have posted two further stories about LG leaks, because, well, we love it. It hits all the right buttons as far as we are concerned (well, Dan and myself anyway).

This evening the LG G3 has hit the news again, once by LGs own hand and once by a leaker on a Vietnamese website. First off the video posted to the YouTube by LG shows how LG show that they think a 5.5in screen should fit inside a relatively small package. OnePlus promised that their first offering would be a 5.5in screen inside a 5in body. They didn’t pull that off but it seems that LG have done just that. It seems that LG are trying to get ahead of any criticism that their device is too big with the 5.5in screen, bigger than the other flagships of 2014. Their tag line is “When you meet LG G3, you just might forget you’re holding a 5.5-inch smartphone”.

A Vietnamese website has also shown off yet more pictures of the Quick Circle case, including one that shows the Qi charging connectors, a black one that doesn’t have Qi connectors and a black leather one that is a back case only. It is good to see the LG are making an effort to provide decent accessories for their flagship phone. The options are great. All I want to see now is a back cover only, with Qi charging capabilities. I really dislike the flap cases on any phone. They just get in the way for me. Hopefully LG can have these covers ready for purchase when the phone launches.

With the announcement due tomorrow morning our time, in London we can’t wait to see what, if anything, is left to show us. Are you as excited about this phone as we are?

Source: LG YouTubeMainGuyen.
Via: GSM Arena.
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