If you’re a fan of Anime, you’ll be more than familiar with Madman and their awesome Manga and Anime titles they sell, mainly on DVD, but apparently now via streaming. They’ve closed down their Madman Screening Room and launched AnimeLab, a site where you can stream Anime and simulcasts direct from Japan.

Why are we telling you about it? AnimeLab proudly state on their blog that they support mobile devices, and while there’s no apps currently they are working on some for iOS, SmartTVs and Android, but until then their HTML5 player works just fine in Chrome and Chrome for Android – with the desktop player offering to cast the video to Chromecast.

There’s a pretty massive library of titles and episodes available with more being added all the time.

Currently featuring over 50 shows, more than 700 episodes are available to stream, including simulcasting Date A Live II, Dai-Shogun, Riddle Story of Devil and the complete Attack on Titan, Space Dandy and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood series.

The site is ad-free and completely free for the time being, as their Blog states the site is in Beta testing, but you can expect that there will be fees down the track. If you’re into Anime then head across to their website and signup.

Source: AnimeLab.
Via: Gizmodo.
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    ill have to check it out =)


    Can confirm that casting from Chrome on Android also works, although it looks like they might be under load since it’s taking a while to buffer.