Quickflix, has today announced that they will be releasing an update to their Android (and iOS) apps which will integrate compatability with the now available Chromecast dongle.

Quickflix is an Australian company founded in 2003, who provide a video rental service in Australia. Quickflix began by providing DVD/BluRay rentals, before beginning video streaming services in 2011. The company still provides discs from a library of over 60,000 titles, but it’s the streaming side of things which Quickflix are focusing on with Chromecast.

Quickflix started out with iOS apps, but has moved into Android apps, but with a limited scope. Quickflix streaming on Android is limited to selected Samsung and Sony Xperia devices, as well as being available in the Amazon App Store, although the app fails on most devices. Quickflix has also already made their first appearance on a HDMI Dongle, providing an app for the Kogan Smart TV HDMI dongle, so Quickflix was quite interested when Google announced their own super cheap HDMI Dongle.

Quickflix has been working on integrating Chromecast compatibility into their apps for five months, with Quickflix founder and CEO, Stephen Langsford saying :

We’re very excited by the Google Chromecast development. I’ve had a demonstration of Quickflix streaming to Chromecast in our labs and it’s a wonderful new way to enjoy movies and TV shows on the big screen. The moment we heard about this device we knew we had to be on it. We think our customers will love streaming Quickflix with their Chromecast when we launch in the coming weeks.

We see our Google Chromecast initiative as another step by Quickflix to deliver on its commitment to make access to the best the world has to offer in movie and TV streaming simple and easy, providing even more compelling alternatives to traditional television and pay TV.

Quickflix provides a varying structure for delivering their content, offering four main ways of watching video: Quickflix DVD & Blu-ray – which allows you to have discs delivered to your door, Quickflix Streaming – which offers streaming of hundreds of movies and TV shows, a Pay Per Play option to view a video once and a Pay to Own service which allows you to watch your content anytime, once you purchase it.

Quickflix Monthly pricing

If you’re interested, Quickflix offers a free-trial of their service if you want to take them up on it. But if you’re already sold on the Quickflix service, you can also grab a bargain, by purchasing your Chromecast(s) from Dick Smith who are offering 6 weeks of movies and TV shows with any purchase $100 and over.

DSE Quickflix

Quickflix sounds like a pretty decent service, but seems to fall down with only limited device support. The company said in November last year that they were changing their approach to Android, but that doesn’t seem to have eventuated at this stage, with todays announcement only addressing Chromecast support in their current app. Still, if you own a Samsung or Sony Xperia phone or tablet, the integration of Chromecast is a welcome one, and we look forward to checking it out in the coming weeks.

Source: Quickflix.
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    I find anything to do with moving Australia into the 18th Century when it comes to entertainment is just a painful experience. Scheduling on TV is awful, CatchUp TV is pathetic, Availability of content is lacking. “But we just don’t understand why people download” Really? You don’t ? Head in sand maybe?


    Quickflix I have found is terrible I really wanted it to be good.. But its just so far away from Netflix


    If I hear about an iPhone “casting” Quickflix before the Nexus line…