In four weeks time Google IO will begin. At each IO Google announce and show off something new. Something that they believes shows off their software best. This year a product rumoured to be released is an Android Wear watch (or two). Earlier this year they released an sdk for Android Wear but still no specific details on how the actual Android Wear watches will work. LG, partners with Google for the past two Nexus devices, have been working with Google on the G watch. We also have the Moto 360, a stunning piece of bling.

Today a Google developer, Timothy Jordan, (with Google’s blessing I am sure) shared some images of his favourite notifications on Google+. While not giving much away they do tell us that any app will be able to access the Android Wear watch/device. We can see a Nest notification, the control icons for a music app, the calendar app as well as one of those annoying notifications from a game.

android-wear-notifications 1
android-wear-notifications 2
He also had the following cryptic advice for developers:

One of the coolest parts of Android Wear is how it extends the Android platform to a new generation of devices out of the box, without any need to update your app. If you have a notification-enabled app, those notifications will generally just work on your new wearable.

It’s striking how useful these notifications are and easy to imagine how much more valuable they could get with a little bit of additional development. With just a few lines of code you can deliver even richer experiences on the wearable by using stacks, pages, and voice replies.

It seems that Google are trying to help developers to incorporate these types of notifications into their apps for Android Wear. I am speculating that they have their Android Wear device (LG G Watch) ready to go for Google IO and want to make sure that developers have their apps ready as well, looking and functioning as Google think they should. I believe this is their way of giving them a gentle nudge in the right direction.

This year could be an expensive year with Android Wear, Nexus devices and flagships galore all coming soon. Are you looking to invest in an Android Wear device? Which one?

Source: Timothy Jordan Google+.
Via: Engadget.
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N8 + N5 for sure.
moto360 maybe


New Nexus phone will be first on my list. Might be the last one that I can buy. Then either a watch or tablet. The nexus 7 is fine, and if a new one isn’t much of an upgrade I’ll probably pony up for a watch instead.


If Google and HTC announce the rumoured Nexus 8 tablet I reckon I’ll find it hard to resist. I have a 2013 N7 (and also had the 2012 edition) and reckon it’s lacking just a little bit of poke. My Nexus 5 is screaming fast which invariably makes everything else seem slow in comparison. That said, it might be time to start saving the pennies for some more expensive Android Silver toys in 2015! Oh… and the watch. The 360 looks really nice but I reckon it’s still a touch bulky. I reckon I’ll wait it out till generation 2… Read more »


typo out by 100 “Moto 260”

Luke Pocock

That was the first thing I picked up….nice


thanks guys.

In other news, Motorola have decided to release a mini version of the Moto 360?