HTC M8 Ace
The HTC One (M8) Ace has been made official for the Chinese market, and it’s had a slight name change, with HTC announcing the model officially as the HTC One E8 (because that’s much better).

Hardware wise, the phone has a plastic shell as promised in the leaks and will apparently have similar specs to the HTC One M8. The phone is powered by a 2.5GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 processor, but specs are pretty thin from the Chinese HTC site. There does appear to be the same power-saving features that the HTC One M8 had included.

The Duo-Camera is gone, replaced with a 13MP rear camera but the 5MP front-facing ‘Selfie’ camera has been retained. Dual front facing speakers are included in the plastic shell, and are of course Boom Sound enabled for that great sound we’ve come to expect.

Sftwaere wise, the phone launches with Android 4.4, with Sense 6.0 overlaid atop, bringing with it all the HTC goodies that were introduced like Smart Actions which enable you to double tap the screen to wake it, or put the phone to your ear to answer a call.

Actual availability outside of China hasn’t been announced, so whether this will remain an Asian exclusive is not yet known. We’ll be following up with HTC Australia on Monday to find out.

Does the plastic HTC One E8 tickle your fancy?

Source: HTC China.