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Android Wear is getting closer to launch, with a ‘Summer’ launch expected for both the Moto 360 as well as the LG G Watch, we’re seeing both companies, as well as Google ramping up ‘leaks’ and hype for the official launch. Last night we saw the notifications shown off by a Googler, and today the LG G Watch was shown off running the full version of Android Wear.

The video, originally from site Appdated, has since been made private – most likely at the request of LG or Google – shows not only the watch, but Android Wear. It’s in German, so our ability to understand what’s going on is limited, but if you happen to sprechen Sie Deutsch feel free to chime in.

There’s a bit of division on the Ausdroid team as to conclusions to draw from the video, so we encourage you to watch the video and shout out in the comments. Remember though, Android Wear is still technically Beta and could change a bit between now and launch.

Source: AppDatedAkshat Mittal.
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Craig Muldoon

Gross. That barely looks like a watch, more like a bunch of clunk attached to plastic. I think the round version of the 360 has much better aesthetics, good to see the wear ui funtioning well though.