news_43695If you’re an Android enthusiast like me, and let’s be honest, all of us here most likely are, you love when a new version of Android comes out. Once it is out you flash it first chance you get, and then, after scratching your head for a while trying to figure out the changes, you go searching for the changelog. Thanks to Funky Android the changelog for Android version 4.4.3 (KTU84L) can now be seen here.

If you’re thinking of heading over there and reading it make sure you set aside a couple of days. It seems Google have been hard at work on the AOSP with over 7400 changes according to Android Police. Funky Android uses a script modified from an original one from the former AOSP maintainer, Jean-Baptiste Queru to pull the changelog from the updates. It seems that a lot of the changes came in the form of binary blobs with the changes undocumented so whether fixes arrived for other bugs we will have to wait and see.

There are quite a few fixes for bluetooth issues which are most welcome for those of us that use bluetooth a lot. There are also a lot of updates to the holo theme along with many in the compatibility test suite. There are some changes inside the ART as well, hopefully indicating that ART will arrive as the default runtime for all soon (note that ART has been the default runtime in AOSP for a while).

If you are feeling energetic feel free to head on over to Funky Android and peruse the mountain of changes Google have dropped into AOSP with KTU84L.

Source: Funky Android.
Via: Android Police.
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    … and for those of you with a spare 10 seconds, you can head over to the Apple website to which features iOS has stolen from Android.

    Elliot Kotis

    From Android 4.0?

    Scotty Deayton

    Nexus 5 Battery issue fixed?