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A new video that appeared overnight, is claiming to show off the new boot animation for the upcoming LG G Watch. The source of the leak, a Twitter account by the name @upleaks, has posted a full system dump from the watch which includes backgrounds, watch faces, status cards and of course the boot animation.

As you can see the from the video of the boot animation below, it mainly focuses on the use of the blue, yellow, green and red from the Google Logo, before finally splashing the above new Android logo :

A tweet from Upleaks from six hours ago, also confirms that the G Watch will be the reference device for the Android Wear platform. As well, we will see the watch launched in Australia :

Android Police, have extracted all the graphic files from the system dump which you can grab yourself from MEGA, or just head over to Android Police to check them out.

Source: Upleaks.
Via: Android Police.
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That’s actually rather cool. And if it is launching in Australia then I may just have to buy myself one.

Benjamen Meiers

I like the boot logo. Also love that it is going to be launched in Australia as well.


A number of the comments on YT are grumbling that the new boot logo is too fancy, and are comparing it to the Win7 boot logo. They’ve forgotten how rarely this new Android boot logo will likely be seen. How often do you need to reboot your Android device? My opinion on the new boot logo is that it looks incomplete for what it is supposed to be being used on, a reference device for Android Wear. If it is going to be used on an Android Wear reference device, then why isn’t this new boot logo displaying the Android… Read more »