A new update to the Netflix Android App has gone live in Google Play, adding a much needed feature for series binge-watchers out there – Post-Play.

Post-Play is a feature which Netflix uses to automatically queue up the next episode in a series you’re watching, and automatically start playing it when the current episode ends. That’s for TV shows, but for Movies, you will be offered three recommendations to try next, which you can select from or dismiss by tapping the video.

The introduction of Chromecast to Australia, paired with our handy guide on how to get it working has seen a massive amount of interest. But it’s not much use without the Netflix app, which of course means jumping through hoops. But we’ve made it easy and you’ll find the APK down below :

Netflix for Android version 3.4.2 Build 1519 :
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

Check it out and let us know what you’re binge watching on Netflix in the comments.

EDIT: Looks like Chromecast support for Post-Play isn’t quite done yet. Netflix advised “And check back in a few months…we are working on “Post-Play” for Chromecast.”

Source: Netflix.
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    Is it possible to turn this feature off on android? I like to watch TV show while I fall asleep, don’t want it automatically starting next episodes…..


    Not sure if it’s a typo, or they are old app links, but I’ve just updated my Netflix app, and the latest version is 3.5.0 build 1564.

    Gerard Goon

    Thank god, was waiting for this. its a great feature to use when series binging. had to use the PS3 to watch series for auto play