Galaxy S5 - Made for Australia
Samsung has released their new commercial for the Australian market onto their YouTube channel.

Focusing heavily on features, the commercial starts by showing off the Gear 2 and Gear Fit wearables, and moves on to show the features of the Galaxy S5 like power saving and of course the newly introduced IP67 water resistance.

The video mostly manages to avoid throwing shade at non-Samsung phones, and of course the young lady yelling out ‘My Phone!’ as it’s splashed isn’t definitely using an iPhone, but well, you can draw your own conclusion.

It’s a decent commercial and should make for some good playback on Australian TV, nice work Samsung.

Have you seen this commercial on TV in Australia yet?

Source: Samsung Australia YouTube.
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Greg Lamb

Saw it again last night and noticed the Westpac NFC was featured. Shame it isn’t available for S5 at the moment!! It was there but Westpac pulled it 2 updates ago and the latest one puts NFC back in but not for the S5.




To add to the Australianess: the song featured is This Summer by Sydney band RüFüS. 🙂