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It appears that the Australian launch of Chromecast hasn’t been smooth sailing for everyone, with some users of Google Play Movies & TV running into issues when casting content.

A support thread on the Chromecast Google Product Forums has seen a growing number of reports from Australian customers experiencing issues casting their paid content from the app. It appears that while there’s issues with one app, casting from Google Play Music and YouTube works without issue. The first post on the thread describes what happens when the user – Rob – tries to cast from the app – he sees a “flicker of movie then back to previous screen (Connected/Film icon) and the App reverts to the previous screen”.

It seems that Google is aware of the issue and has updated the thread, with Googler ‘Jacky H’ adding an update two days ago stating that Google is aware of the issue and investigating.

A workaround has been found through which customers can cast their purchases, but it’s by no means a definitive fix and reports from the thread show this doesn’t work for all users. If you’re having issues, try going to and attempt to cast from there.

Customers who are experiencing the issue are being encouraged to update the thread with information which could help Google to resolve the issue, including:

  • What OS are you using to cast (Android 4.4, Windows 7, OSx 10.8, etc.)?
  • What is the make and model of your router?
  • What is the make and model of your television?
  • What country or territory are you located in?

If you are indeed experiencing this problem, head over to the support thread and add your details. Additional data will hopefully lead to a resolution for all parties involved quite soon.

We’ll keep an eye on the thread and update with any fixes that crop up.

Have you experienced any issues casting to your newly purchased Chromecast? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Google Product Forums.
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    I was having this problem, but it is now working just fine 🙂

    Michael Ormandy

    Looks like Google has worked hard to fix the issue and it has now been resolved


    Mine worked fine for the first week. Now i can’t play anything from the Play Movies app, everything else still seems OK. I guess what makes it even more annoying is there’s very little recognition of the problem apart from ‘Jacky H’ in the thread itself.

    Also in Aus we don’t have much else we can do with the stick, so Play Movies is one of the most useful features on it. So it makes it all that much more annoying, when the primary use for it here ( with an official Google app ) doesn’t work, or works randomly.


    Bought two HD episodes of a TV series Sat night. Watched both, and worked without a hitch.

    Gavin O"Shaughnessy

    Good to know some people’s works fine. If you read the other forum, it makes it seem like EVERYONE has this problem. Would be interesting to know what proportion of Australian Chromecasts are affected.

    Anthony Young

    plex works fine.. just saying


    So does Mezzmo

    Stephen Crisafulli

    Yet more reason for people to ride the high seas. Google clearly don’t give a toss about Australia or something like this should have got fixed on the first day. Christ it’s the sole reason to buy a chrome cast “buy and watch tv”

    Gavin O'Shaughnessy

    I think you;re being a bit melodramatic. Google has acknowledged the issue and is working on it. It clearly isn’t that simple.


    Interesting – I’ve had a Chromecast since day 1 in Australia and while I haven
    t tried casting from Google Movies, everything else works flawlessly.


    Everything BUT Google Play Movies is working. If you actually go to the thread you will find lots of people who bought their Chromecast from the USA and it STOPPED working with Play Movies when Chromecast launched in Australia.

    Daniel Narbett

    Just for reference, I purchased a google play movie and successfully cast it a couple of nights ago, no dramas.

    Only issue was the ‘buyers remorse’ the next day when I wondered why I hadn’t just torrented it like a normal person. I console myself, though, that it was for science (!) to see if casting worked.


    I got a “free” copy of Transformers when I bought my Google Nexus tablet. It’s provided via Google Play. It’s never worked – so I’m reluctant to ever buy content from Google Play music and movies. In my opinion Google are not very interested in providing “good” service to Australia, we’re too small for them to ever get concerned with anything the Australian consumer might complain about or request, they’re happy just to skim money from their fanboys and anyone that’s not too demanding and leave it at that (and not pay Australian taxes :P).


    Yes.. this happened to me the other night. I thought it was related to the fact I had just purchased something. Fortunately it ended up working..