With the Chromecast dongle only available in Australia for two weeks, video streaming service EzyFlix is the first local service to add Chromecast support to its iOS, Android and desktop apps. The updates, which have begun to roll out to users, make EzyFlix the first Australian service to support UltraViolet movie streaming to home entertainment gear.

Users have been able to stream EzyFlix movies directly from the net or download them for offline playback. This added support for Chromecast has seen EzyFlix beat other local streaming services such as Quickflix, Foxtel’s Presto and the ABC’s iView, which have all committed to support in future, but no no firm dates have yet been announced.

EzyFlix has also beaten JB HiFi as the first Australian UltraViolet retailer to offer Chromecast support. It is worth noting that JB HiFi is one of the retail partners for Chromecast, and so it might have been logical for their video service to support the media streamer, but no.

Craig White, chief executive of EzyFlix has said that while Australia has lagged behind the US when it comes to introducing more UltraViolet features and services, the arrival of the Chromecast marks the next phase of Australia’s video streaming ecosystem.

White continued:

Chromecast is a game changer for the consumer because it delivers convenience, content availability and value. Our technical specifications for delivery have been given the big tick by the major Hollywood studios and we have worked hard to ensure our extensive film library is fully compatible. That foresight and groundwork has paid immediate dividends and we are proud EzyFlix.tv is the first to make its service available on Chromecast.

You can download EzyFlix app from the Cast store for Chromecast or alternatively you can download it through the links below.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
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    Actually, madman entertainments new anime service, animelab.com, has been in open beta for a few weeks now. It has chromecast support. Admittedly its currently only a webapp, but its pretty tablet friendly.

    Daniel Tyson
    Marné Prinsloo

    I’d be more interested in how to stream local content.




    Allcast or LocalCast

    Marné Prinsloo

    Thanks captains


    I just tried to play all the UV movies I had in ezyflix app and it tells me that none of the content can be played over my chromecast


    Are you a registered user?


    Hi Glenn, It’s Anthea from EzyFlix.tv here. We currently have over 1500 Movies and TV episodes available to be watched through Chromecast. This isn’t our full range, but we think it’s a great selection of titles. We do expect more movies and TV shows to be available for casting soon. I am surprised that none of your UV titles are currently available to watch with Chromecast. Can you please confirm your EzyFlix username? Can you also please confirm that you’ve updated to our latest App? Am I right in assuming that you’re using an Android device? If you could answer… Read more »