With each update to Google Glass or the MyGlass app it feels as though Google must be getting close to launching the wearable technology to retail buyers. The next update to Glass perhaps has an indicator that we’re getting very close, a Google Now card for the Fifa World Cup; the selection of national teams has appears in the sports notifications area with the latest update.

Other functionality that has been available on Android handheld devices for a while now have also made an appearance on the latest update for Glass; Package tracking and Parking Location are now available on Google Now on Glass.

MyGlass has also got an update in the wind that will instantly display photos from your Glass on your compatible device when you open the app. Allowing you to view them on a larger screen, edit and share your captured moments more easily with family and friends via social media apps on your device.

Do you think we’ll see Google Glass soon, or are we going to continue to be teased?

Source: Glass Community.
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    Interesting point, I guess we’ll see what they’re thinking at I/O


    I’m not being teased at all…. My GLASS is the single best tech device I own and the fact that all of GLASS’s functionality works perfectly fine here in Oz should be all you need to know…. (Just remember to add +61 to your contact numbers and you’re good to go) – the XE17+ updates are now super stable and $1500 is not that expensive especially as a new smartphone costs about $1000 off contract…..