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LG G Watch
We’re about to see a whole heap of Android Wear, that is if Google I/O delivers what we all expect, and it’s circulating that Google will be handing out the LG G Watch as a giveaway for developers to play with to encourage development on the platform. But what’s under the hood? According to @upleaks, who last week supplied a leaked system dump, there’s a fair bit.

There’s a complete spec sheet which Upleaks has provided, which lists a Qualcomm APQ8026 processor, 4GB of storage, 1.65″ 280×280 LCD screen, 4GB Storage and of course Bluetooth Low-Energy. The physical watch will be quite thick, with physical properties of the watch listed as 37.9×46.5×9.95mm @ 61grams. The thickness allows for a 400mAh Lithium Polymer battery, which offers up to 36 hours of battery life on a two hour charge.


With a rumoured giveaway at I/O, that leads to the assumption that we will soon be seeing the watch in-store. This is backed up by information from Paul O’brien from Modaco who has said the G Watch will be available in the UK on the 7th of July for £169.99 (approximately $304).

We’ll hopefully find out what’s going on with the G Watch, Android Wear and maybe even the Moto 360 at Google I/O in a little over two weeks, stay tuned.

Source: Modaco@Upleaks.
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Andrew White

At nearly 40% of the price of LG’s lower spec’d G3 (16GB memory & 2GB of ram), this watch will hopefully do more than tell the time and provide a few notifications.


The only weak spot I can see in the specs is in the software 2.5 section, World Clock: No.

As for the thickness as a woman’s smartwatch, with the right band on it, it won’t look thick at all.
As an example, the Casio Baby-G model BGD500 is 12.5mm thick, 40.0mm width, and 44.7mm length.