Backing up photos is a chore, but a new update to the Google+ Photos app on ChromeOS will hopefully solve that. Google has announced, via Oren Blasberg on Google+ that the app has been updated to background sync all your photos and videos to the cloud.

With previous versions of Google+ Photos for ChromeOS, you’ve had to leave the app open, while the service backs up all your media, but the new version will do that as soon as you plug in an SD Card containing media. A progress bar indicates how many photos you’ve uploaded and you can pause uploads if you need to use your web connection or go offline for a while. You will also receive a notification telling you that the upload has completed when it’s done.

The Chrome App is now available on the Chrome Webstore, it’s exclusively for ChromeOS at this stage, but the functionality could be extended in the future. Go grab it and check it out.

Google+ Fotos
Google+ Fotos
Developer: pulsar-eng
Price: Free
Source: +Oren Blasberg.
Via: Engadget.