Last weekend we reported that invites were rolling out to a few lucky OnePlus followers. The invitees were able to purchase the device but the issue was that there was a software bug preventing it from shipping just yet. At the time there was no mention of the issue although camera software was speculated on the OnePlus forums.

Turns out the delay was related to the June 5 OpenSSL vulnerability – the CyanogenMod team wanted to get the issues patched before shipping their devices. CyanogenMod have a lot of extra security tweaks in their rom and it’s good to see them put the users’ security first.

A new release means the whole firmware needs to be re-certified (including QA time), but we believe the security benefits outweigh the delay. So yes, there was a new build issued at fairly last minute, but it wasn’t due to missing set deadlines or expectations.

There was some speculation on the OnePlus forums that the devices would be shipping this Friday but there didn’t seem to be any official word from the main OnePlus people themselves.
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Turns out customer service got it right. The OnePlus One’s are currently winging their way around the world to various locations. They are shipping via Royal Mail surprisingly as it was expected to ship from local warehouses in the release countries. Makes you wonder why they couldn’t just direct that mail towards Australia. Maybe they didn’t want to manufacture our AC plugs at this stage?
The statement that some may not like: “Thank you for your patience, trust and help in testing our product” is another talking point. It means that people are paying for the right to be testers for them. Obviously being a startup company, everything is untried and untested. Customer service, distribution, manufacturing, software, all of it new. Hopefully OnePlus can pull it off as they have certainly come in for their fair share of criticism regarding their marketing strategies and their invite system. They do not need any more.

Anyone else got a shipping notice? Are you over it or are you too waiting for an invite to hit your inbox every minute of the day?

Source: Reddit.
Via: Android Central.
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Daniel Holdsworth

Im waiting for an invite 🙁

Simon Hu

I have got it when I had the business trip to China last week. It is a GREAT phone!!! Gestures on black screen has been a cool feature. You can create gestures such as a shortcut to unlock the phone and get a call to someone. Power Off Alarm has been great, this is the most attractive feature since I lost the Nokia phones The phone is beautiful design even though it is plastic. I am very sure that you will love this plastic and you will throw your Samsung rubbish. Battery life is still testing, but it has been… Read more »


how much did you manage to get it for mate? Did you buy it in a local shop or online?

Simon Hu

I bought it online ( with the price of 2100 RMB (equally 370 AUD) for a 16 GB version.


Would like to give it a try but would have to sell my note 3 first