Update: Well, that was fast stock has been depleted, but fear not there’s more on the way so you can still pre-order.

Since the launch of the LG G3 in 2 different memory configurations – the model destined for the Australian market with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of Storage and another model which includes 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage – there’s been a question of whether we will see the higher end model on our shores. Well, it’s not an official release, but Gadgets4Geeks have acquired some stock of higher end LG G3 with 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage and it’s available to order now.

The higher end model comes with a higher end price tag to match the higher specs, but it’s not an overly large jump. Priced at $899, Gadgets4Geeks are offering the phone in white with the gorgeous 5.5″ QHD 2560×1440 resolution screen, super fast 2.5GHz Snapdragon processor paired with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of onboard storage plus a microSD card slot, 13MP Camera with OIS+ and Laser Auto-Focus and it looks like a dream.

I kind of fell in love with the LG G3 when I spent an hour with it just over a week ago. The phone is not due to launch here in Australia until August and other importers such as Mobicity aren’t expecting stock of the lower end 2GB/16GB version until July, so this is an extremely early offer.

The phone is compatible with the 1800MHz LTE network on all three major carriers in Australia, but unfortunately not with the 4G+ Optus network which is being rolled out in some Optus markets. There is full 3G compatability offered on the phone however so there should be no issues there.

Now, as you all know, the Ausdroid store is operated by Gadgets4Geeks, so you can actually order this phone right now from the Ausdroid store. Delivery on orders over $200 is free, so it’s a flat $899 for one of the most exciting handsets we’ve seen so far this year. If you do decide you want to grab one, don’t forget there’s a range of cases available for the G3 from the Ausdroid store as well.

Source: Ausdroid Store.
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Tris Chalker

Will you get getting in another order? Bummed that I was late to your droid party. These are definitely the droids you were looking for.

Elio Ross

So this is the Korean model. Does this not have wireless (QI) charging?

Yianni soc

No wireless charging standard. There’s Qi charging available in the quick circle case and hard shell cases that Gadgets4Geeks are getting this week. (White quick circle case currently in stock)


In time. The price isn’t practical for me yet.


I’m more than happy with my Nexus 5. But keeping a very close watch on new LG handsets as I reckon the LG G3 successor will be my next handset.