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Since the announcement of both Android Wear and the very first hardware to go along with the platform, from LG and Motorola, the scramble for specs, pricing and release dates has been on. We first learned of a rumoured July launch date and UK pricing as well as specs for the LG G Watch on Wednesday, and this morning online retailer MobileFun has announced the UK pricing for the Moto 360.

While it’s a little premature, considering Motorola hasn’t even announced much to do with the watch, let alone pricing, it is fairly common for retailers to be in on early information such as this to prepare for an impending launch. And it seems that a launch is indeed impending, with the watch making an appearance on the wrist of Verge editor in Chief Joshua Topolsky when he made an appearance on the tonight show recently :
Moto 360 Tonight Show

The MobileFun team has also advised that the Moto 360 ‘comes with a bevy of fitness functions, allowing it to track your exercise and sleep.’ which should whet the appetites of the fitness conscious amongst us. There’s also a product page for the watch on their site, which doesn’t give too much away, but does list two colour options: Grey and Silver.

The release date for the Moto 360 is still listed as ‘later this summer’, so it will most likely be after or during Google I/O.

Source: MobileFun.
Via: Phandroid.
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199 GBP = $360 according to XE currency converter. Coincidence? I think not!