With smartphones being used to capture all sorts of moments from our daily lives, its inevitable that some folk will keep photos on their smartphones that they mightn’t like others to necessarily see. The selfie generation are probably most at risk here, with all manner of compromising self shots on their devices, but what if you capture a cute photo of a puppy and want to show that off, but not necessarily the photos of you posing in the bathroom mirror?

It seems there’s an app for that.

The process is pretty simple. If you want to show some photos to a friend, open up the Focus app, and select the photos you’d like to showcase. You can then hand your phone to a friend and they can browse those photos, and only those. Your friend can now swipe left or right and can see only the pictures that you selected. A tap on a picture will allow them to pinch zoom the picture.

If your friend taps on the Back button, they are presented with a password box — shown above — and a text stating that they should return the phone. If they tap on the Home button a sound will alert you that you should take back your device.

Pretty simple really. It works as described, and might be worth trying out if you’ve been caught out by prying friends or relatives before!

Focus - Photo Sharing
Focus - Photo Sharing
Developer: Rise Software Inc.
Price: Free


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    Very useful idea.

    Now is there something similar available for protecting audio content, documents, and videos?

    Sean Royce

    I’m sure there is something similar. But why would you want to protect your music? Got something to be ashamed of?


    Sean, the point I was getting at is the Focus app is described in this article as being only for photos.
    What I was asking about is if there is anything similar for more media and document types.
    And I said “audio files” not just music. Meaning voice and podcasts and audio books as well as music.

    Sean Royce

    Still. Don’t be ashamed of what others think. Shouldn’t affect you.

    David Mcmillan

    yes its called a pin


    Villagers: We want better locks for our houses!

    King’s counsellor: Your grace, get this – I suggest we build this great humongous wall around the citadel! Then everyone will be happy!

    Well, admittedly, it seemed like a good idea back then.


    There is bitlocker, but it isn’t as user friendly.