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Angry Birds Epic

Rovio last week officially made available their next instalment of the Angry Birds franchise – Angry Birds Epic – which is now free to download from the Play Store.

Rovio announced the release on Thursday last week, marking the global launch of Angry Birds Epic, Rovio’s first role-playing game featuring the iconic Angry Birds characters as legendary heroes.

Rovio stated that in the next instalment of the very popular franchise, players will get to explore a fantasy version of Piggy Island full of mysterious caves, tropical beaches, frosty mountains with loads of other exciting locations also in tow.

Players will also get to transform the birds into truly legendary adventurers. They can craft weird and wacky weapons, upgrade characters, armor and potions.

Rovio have released a trailer for Angry Birds Epic which you can view below:

However, there have been some issues surrounding players who are running the game on Android 4.4+ (Kit Kat) devices. Rovio have stated via the Play Store description that:

ART (the KitKat experimental runtime feature) it is not currently supported by Angry Birds Epic! We hope to include ART support in future updates!

It is disappointing that this game is having issues surrounding ART experimental runtime feature within Kit Kat, given that Android 4.4+ has been available now for almost a year, however as the feature is purely experimental, such incompatibility is excusable. Hopefully Rovio will be able to push out updates to fix this issue very soon.

Angry Birds Epic is free to download from the Play Store now, however there are some in app purchases which may be required.

Angry Birds Epic RPG
Angry Birds Epic RPG
Price: To be announced
Source: Rovio News.

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Art isn’t that experimental. It is the default runtime in aosp and I reckon by the end of the year it’ll be Google’s default too.
Not good enough imo.


Prediction was true… yet still no support. Not impressed.

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