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Even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 isn’t expected to launch until the IFA conference in Germany in September, specs for the Phablet have apparently been outed by a listing on Indian import site Zauba which includes the model #, which led to the discover of the User Agent Profile (UAProf) on the Samsung Mobile website.

Zauba listed a phone with model # SM-N910A, which would be the natural model # progression from last years Galaxy Note 3’s SM-N900 model #. The listing further lists the SM-N910A with a 5.7″ screen.
Note 4 QHD Display

A look through the UAProf site on Samsung Mobile for model # SM-N910A shows that the phone is expected to have a resolution of 1440×2560, giving the phone a Pixel Density of 515ppi.
SM-910A UAProf

Of course with a SM-N910A model# it’s not clear if this is the rumoured curved screen version of the Note 4 destined for ‘niche’ markets, or the standard model meant for more mainstream markets.

We’ll find out more in September, and knowing Samsung phones, we’ll see more leaks in the next three months.

Does a QHD resolution Note 4 sound good to you?

Source: ZaubaSamsungMobile.
Via: GSMArena.
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Alien Phreaker

Personally, I don’t find a metal back cover of reasonable strength durability and lightness objectionable.

Perhaps, though, when the science and technology that humans employ advances beyond the primitive stage it currently abides in, then a metal alloy could be created utilising truly advanced scientific and technological techniques of which imparts unbelievable strength, durability and virtual weightlessness to the end product.


I love me some pixels, but I’m yet to be convinced there’s any benefit in exceeding 1080p resolution on sub 7″ devices. I’d rather they stuck at 1080p and delivered amazing gains in performance and battery life.


Can’t keep creeping up .1″ or .2″ every year.


Well there’s always the Galaxy Mega. Frankly, The Note is getting bigger and bigger, and I hope it stays below 6′

Alien Phreaker

Let’s just hope, unlike my Note II that i have at ATM, the Note 4 doesn’t come with a plastic back. Plastic, IMHO, doesn’t cut it and looks terrible.


Plastic is also lighter than metal, which helps for big phones. But I guess if you don’t care about having a 200g+ phone then……