Angry Birds Transformers
With the success of their Star Wars franchised version of Angry Birds, Rovio has today announced that the next franchised version of their hit game will involve everyone’s favourite transforming robots, the Transformers.

With the tagline of ‘Birds disguised as robots in disguise’, Rovio has announced the partnership with Transformers license owners Hasbro, which as well as the game, will include a line of licensed toys in the form of Telepods. Telepods are similar to the Disney Infinity line which allow you to introduce new characters into the game by holding the toy in front of your devices camera – Cool right?

There’s no solid details on when the game, or the licensed Telepods will appear, but Rovio has created the website for you to keep an eye on. The art looks very cool and after checking out the latest Angry Birds title, the RPG style game Epic, we can’t wait to see a new version of the traditional game.

Are you keen for Angry Birds Transformers?

Source: Rovio.
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    the one behing bumblebee looks like Galvatron


    I can recognize a mix of movie and G1 Transformers.
    G1 Optimus Prime and Starscream, and movie Bumblebee.

    No idea who the motorcycle is, or the one behind Bumblebee.