LG G Watch
The LG G Watch, is coming soon, we know this. It’s also anticipated that the G Watch will be given away at Google I/O to developers as a reference device for Android Wear. So, seeing the G Watch on-sale through Google Play would make sense. Well, it appears that it may be about to launch there – probably post I/O – with the German Google Play store briefly showing text from what is assumed to be the upcoming G Watch Play store listing.

The text which you can see in the original German in the screenshot below can be translated to “Constantly active display”, with “G Watch never sleeps. The constantly active display will show you time and notifications without you having to touch it” (pretty sure some German speakers can translate this more accurately).

With Google I/O next week, we’re sure to find out more about the G Watch, Android Wear and of course perhaps the Moto 360 and maybe see some more hardware announced.

Source: Android Pit.
Via: Android Next.
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Constantly active display….my first reaction is ‘how will that affect battery life’?


Moto 360 is the “Nexus” in the USA.
LG G Watch is the “Nexus” everywhere else?