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Suncorp Bank has today announced a nifty new update to their mobile banking apps. The update, which Suncorp is calling QuickShare is being made available on both Android as well as their iOS apps, offers Suncorp Bank customers the option to pay their friends by easily sharing their account information.

Along with one off sharing of your banking details, QuickShare offers Suncorp Bank customers the option to setup a QuickShare contact to send details to regularly if they wish. Sharing your details by QuickShare can be in the form of an SMS or a QR Code, which shares your Name, the amount you need to be paid and a text reference. The SMS can be sent to non-Suncorp Bank members, while the QR code can be scanned by Suncorp Bank customers using their Suncorp bank app.

To use the feature, you can simply send the details from your account within the app, or once you setup the QuickShare contact within settings. QuickShare is secure, with customers needing to be logged into their mobile app, which can be accessed using a 4-digit code; an initiative introduced by Suncorp as part of the complete overhaul of their app last year.

This new feature is designed to make mobile banking even easier says Suncorp Bank’s Head of Online, Simon Clarke.

Our digital team always design features with our customers in mind, this new payment enhancement will not only save them time but places our app as one of the best banking apps in market. Our customers’ lifestyles are busy and they need financial services that work around them, we’re thrilled to be adding this feature that will improve functionality.

Suncorp has produced a video, as well as a comprehensive how-to on their website.

It’s a neat new feature from Suncorp Bank, and looks to be a fairly nicely designed interface overall. If you’re a Suncorp Bank customer, head across to Google Play and ensure your app is up to date.

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